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Think, “Just a good cup of coffee.” The basic difference between a coffee blend and a single origin coffee is that a blend is a mix of various single origin coffees. The purpose of blending various single origin coffees is to achieve a more balanced flavor, complexity and consistency. What mostly characterizes blends is their roast level such as light, medium, medium/dark, and dark. When you read on our coffee label, Breed Blend or High Drive Blend, the nomenclature is referencing the coffee’s darkness (roast level). It’s sort of like rare vs. well done.  The coffee’s darkness (roast level) has nothing to do with its “strength”, although many coffee drinkers’ palates will associate a dark coffee with being “stronger” than lighter roasted coffee. A common myth is that darker, “stronger tasting” coffee has more caffeine.

The complexity and character lies in the artistic approach to creating a cup that is balanced and consistent year-round. For instance, we could combine a sweet coffee, a bright coffee, and an earthy coffee to create a unique balance.  Blending is creative and fun but also labor intensive, and must be intelligently coordinated starting with the best green coffee beans (those effected by environment, climate and the earth it is grown in). What makes blending fun for us is that we’re allowed the freedom to express our own style.  Black Dog Coffee Traders' approach is to sell expertly crafted coffee blends made from the best coffees from around the world. We hope you enjoy them!

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What does coffee "blend" mean?
How do I brew the perfect cup of coffee?
Does the coffee packaging really matter?
The second component to having extraordinary coffee is in the packaging. When coffee is freshly roasted and immediately packaged, it puts off CO2 for several hours after roasting. In order to provide the freshest coffee to our customers, we package all of our roasts in special high barrier, six layer, sealed bags with a CO2 one-way release valve. This prevents the bag from exploding when the CO2 is expelled, and it ensures that you receive the freshest coffee!

Instructions: Coffee aficionados enjoy their morning brew, but the steps taken to prepare it will make the difference between a quality cup and one that tastes like mud. When brewed together, the exact combination of coffee and water will dictate the taste of the final product; the proportion of coffee to water is vital in creating a perfect cup.

Cool or tap water-- that is not distilled-- is best for making coffee. Distilled water will make the coffee taste flat, and tap water can impart undesired flavors to your coffee. Each serving of coffee requires 1-2 tbsp (depending upon your tastes) of ground coffee to 6 oz. of water. Store the beans, whole or ground, in an airtight container that's kept in a cool, dark place. Grind the beans just before brewing if you have whole bean. Grind coffee beans to a coarse grind for a French press, and to a medium grind for an automatic drip maker